Our Piggies & Paws Event- What a Day!

Cupcake Jenny

As you may or may not know, our first Piggies & Paws In-Store event took place this past Saturday and I couldn't have been more pleased with the day. Our Piggies & Paws artist, Krystal Tarca, arrived with her assistant and got all of the paint, paper, design samples, and water and towels for quick clean-up and possible mishaps (I'm proud to report there weren't any!) set up. Once the first appointment arrived, it was nothing but hand and foot stamping for the next seven hours!

At their designated appointment times, our hand and foot models' parents browsed the albums and chose the design or designs (several of our customers ordered up to 6 different prints to give away as gifts) that they wanted and then depending on whether it incorporated a hand or foot, Krystal painted it with non-toxic paint, very carefully stamped it and viola! We'll be calling them all in a couple of weeks to come back and pick up their mini masterpieces.

As the day got rolling, our littlest print was the hand of a seven week old baby. For one of her prints, her mom chose a little purple unicorn- it was the tiniest, cutest little print I've ever seen. Seriously, one of those things that was so precious, it would bring tears to your eyes.... well definitely to mine anyway, but I'm a little over the top sentimental. But come on, couldn't you just eat her up? She was a total trooper and while I had my doubts that Krystal could get her to unball her little fist, she finally got a near perfect print! So if you're wondering if your baby is too young, based on what I witnessed here, I would say, if anyone can do it, apparently Krystal can!

If you're not familiar with Piggies and Paws, it's the brainchild of artist Jennifer Thomas and a brilliant way to capture your child's hand a foot prints at a time when they will never be that size again. Now sure you could attempt to stamp them yourself (as long as you have the patience to try over and over until you get the stamped image to actually resemble a hand or foot), but rather than just a plain stamp that you'll throw in a box or in an album, Jennifer has created over 150 designs that you will actually want to hang on your wall or perch on a shelf.

If you missed this event or want to get new prints as your little cupcake's hands and feet grow, don't despair-- we'll be announcing our next Piggies & Paws Event in a couple of months, just in time for Mother's Day. Dad's, if you can sneak the kids down and surprise your wife with Piggies & Paws prints for Mother's Day, I highly recommend it. It's a creative, sentimental gift that she'll keep forever.

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love at first sight

my little 8 month old granddaughter loves her new little doll and the activity book as well!

My daughter loved it!

These bath bombs were a hit! She also loved the little surprise sponge that popped out of them. I’ll be stopping by to get more!

My niece loved these!

Super cute and stylish for kiddos

Perfect and cozy!

Fits my babies head perfectly and super cute and comfortable!

It is a wonderful, playful dress...My two year old granddaughter twirls and smiles, twirls and smiles.

On my end, it's organic cotton - our skin is the largest absorber of toxins - a big deal not to put toxins next to the skin of a two year old.