Perks of Personalized Baby Gifts

By now you've probably heard the buzz about personalized baby gifts. But for those of you who haven't, personalization is a way of adding your child's name, birthday, and/or a special message to traditional baby gifts. Basically, it's taking the average baby gifts and making them uniquely yours. Here are a few more great things about personalized baby gifts.

Trendy turns Timeless. One great thing about personalized baby gifts is that they help you avoid the endless style-cycle. By taking the latest it-toys and turning them into personalized baby gifts, you transform something trendy into something that will have timeless meaning to the owner. Special touches create lasting memories, so even after this baby gift isn't featured in magazines anymore, it will still have meaning to your child. Save yourself from always having to run out and buy the next hot round of baby gifts! Personalized baby gifts retain their preciousness longer than any pop culture fads.

Easier to Identify. Don't let your little one's dishes or toys get lost in the fray! Personalized baby gifts make it easier to spot Junior's belongings in the after-school jumble. Not only do they reduce the chance of you child taking someone else's stuff by mistake, personalized baby gifts keep other kids from claiming your child's stuff as theirs. Who ever said personalized baby gifts weren't practical?

Strong Sense of Self. Not only are they a style statement, personalized baby gifts send a strong message of love to your child. From the time they are born, these baby gifts will let them know they are special, unique, and well-loved. When your kids are feeling low, these personalized baby gifts will remind them they were planned for and that special excitement went into that preparation. Rather than the hand-me-downs or leftovers of their older siblings, personalized baby gifts mean something special specifically for the child who receives them. And that's a gift not soon forgotten.

Instant Heirlooms. When you buy personalized baby gifts, you are creating instant heirlooms. By opting for personalization, average baby gifts multiply in meaning and scope. That personalized plate may turn up thirty years later at the christening of your grandchild. A personalized birthday frame may stay by the bedside all the way into adulthood. Personalized baby gifts offer sentiment during celebration and comfort in uncertain times. How many baby gifts out there can say the same?

Creating a legacy. By creating personalized baby gifts with family names, you are strengthening your child's sense of heritage and family honor, something that is all but lost in today's world. Personalized baby gifts are your child's first clue to a concept much greater than themselves: their family. Giving them personalized baby gifts teaches them respect, affiliation, and love of family at a very young age.

Fancy for free. Creating personalized baby gifts adds a fancy touch to otherwise no-frills baby gifts. But best of all, at sites like ShopCupcake personalization is absolutely free! That's right! At this high-end baby gifts boutique, you can turn a baby gift off the registry from run-of-the-mill to magnificent with just a few simple lines, at no extra cost to yourself.

So in answer to the question: "Why bother with personalized baby gifts?" the answer is simply "Why not?" Sites like make it simple with a cool "Personalize It" section followed by an easy three step personalization process. Features like free gift wrapping and $5 flat free shipping are only frosting on the cupcake. Get the yummiest personalized baby gifts ever at

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