Personalized Baby Gifts, but not for Baby: Push Presents are the New Trend

When the baby comes, the beloved newborn is showered with baby gifts–while the pushin' momma who brought the child into the world is passed by. Though babies certainly deserve all the baby gifts they get, months of excess weight, sore nipples and swollen feet are certainly worthy of a gesture of appreciation for mothers as well. At least, that's the logic behind "push presents" a new gift trend designed to express gratitude towards new moms.

Push presents are a cultural tradition in both Britain and India, and the tradition is just making its way to America. Also known as "pain presents" and "baby baubles" these gifts are a gesture of appreciation for the new mother. It is a way to say thank you to the woman who sacrificed her figure, her freedom and nine months of martinis in order to birth a beautiful baby with your blue eyes and her beguiling smile.

Gifts range from designer diaper bags, to laptops, to clothing, to jewelry. Anything goes, but as pregnancy coach Wendy Goodman jokes "diamonds reduce pain much more effectively than just pearls." Bathrobes, jewelry with the baby's birthstone, and spa gifts are all popular push presents.

The idea of push presents is not without opposition. There are some that would argue that the baby is a gift in itself. This is true, but nevertheless, nothing brightens up a dowdy paper hospital gown quite like a diamond necklace. Many radiant mothers enjoy receiving push presents so they can wear the bauble as they pose with their new bundle of joy. As writer Amy Drescher puts it "All I got when I delivered my son was…my son. Not to say I'm not immensely grateful; he's my pride and joy. But a nice pair of diamond studs or a pearl cocktail ring, say, to show me that my husband appreciated my months of hard pregnancy and hours of even harder labor would have been "ice" on the cake."

Not surprisingly, push presents are a trend embraced first by celebrity fathers. Pierce Brosnan gave wife Keely three gold and diamond bracelets when their son Paris was born, along with a two week babymoon in Bora Bora. Ben Affleck presented wife Jennifer Garner with a purple baby bauble in honor of their daughter Violet. And classy fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker received a beautiful charm bracelet from celeb hubby Matthew Broderick to commemorate the birth of their son James.

Although these are all sweet gestures, remember that you don't have to be a celebrity to buy your wife a push present. As Drescher puts it "You don't have to be famous like Matt Damon or Michael Douglas, or blow future college savings. There are affordable gift options that don't cost a bundle. Do a little research and find unique and meaningful (gifts) that fit your budget."

One priceless push present a father can offer? A redeemable coupon good for a year of diaper duty! Last but not least, Drescher chastens that whatever push present you give, make sure to have it gift wrapped. Shopcupcake specialties like free gift wrapping and designer diaper bags for both moms and dads make finding the perfect push present a snap! Get baby gifts, mommy gifts, daddy gifts and more, all at

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