Photo Shoot Fun: Tips & Tricks

Cupcake Sarah

"Our family is doing a photoshoot soon, and I have no idea what to dress our kids in!" If there is one thing that us Cupcake girls hear frequently, that is it. We are always being asked for suggestions about what to dress kids in for photos. Do they go fancy or casual? Should there be a lot of color, or something more simple, like black and white? Well, although we are always ready and willing to help you out in person down at Cupcake, here are some helpful tricks and tips for how to style your family for photos, as well as tips on other photo shoot musts!

The author of What to Wear writes a thorough blog on tips and tricks for photo shoots. From patterns to coordination to location, the author covers many important topics that every parent should consider when planning a photo shoot for their children. Patterns are suggested, even mixing them, as long as they do not overpower each other. Pictured below are three different patterned dresses from our Spring 2013 photo shoot, but they come together in a way that flows as they do not overwhelm each other. Mixing patterns ads texture to a photo, not to mention a fun pop of color! The author also recommends picking a "rock star," or a center stage outfit with a pattern that helps carry the rest of the outfits involved in the photo shoot.

Another important aspect of styling for a photoshoot is layering and accessories. Layering gives an outfit personality, and is visually pleasing in the photo. Adding headbands, hair clips and purses on your little girl or a stylish hat and fun clip-on bow ties for your boy adds a fun element to the photo, no matter what the theme is. The newest fall shipment of Mimi & Maggie is the perfect example of fun layering pieces, perfect for a fall photoshoot!

In our Spring 2013 store photo shoot, courtesy of Jodi Lynn Photography, Cupcake Jenny selected a private residence as the location; A beautiful house, expansive fields, and vehicles past their prime were the backdrop for this particular shoot. The old cars (and even an old bicycle carriage!) gave the photoshoot a country-vintage feel. The varying plaid patterns in the shirt and hat pictured below, along with the accompanying props and old truck was the perfect way to pull together both the country and vintage vibe.

Although there are many tips having to do with the style, colors, and locations of photo shoots, there is another important element when it comes to photographing your little Cupcakes: keeping them entertained! In her article Tips On Having A Successful Family Photo Shoot, photographer Lisa Gill gives readers tips on how to keep an eye on their brood during the long process of a photoshoot. She suggests outdoor settings away from people and busy streets, such as fields and parks, so the kids have a place to goof off and have fun without the danger of a traffic-clogged street nearby, much like the location selected for our Spring shoot. Playing with the kids and changing up the feel of the photo shoot (props, back drops, etc.) are all fantastic ways to help keep the children from getting restless or bored.

With a fresh take on some clever tricks and tips, we hope that we help your impending photo shoot experience be a successful one!

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