Piggies & Paws Event at Cupcake March 5th!

Cupcake Jenny

If you missed our last Piggies & Paws event, you won't want to miss this one! Artist Krystal Tarca will be joining us once again to turn your child's hand & foot prints into original, hand-crafted keepsakes!

And as a bonus, they'll be delivered in time for Mother's Day! Moms, these are the perfect gifts to give to Grandma and Dads, if you can sneak the kids down to the store for an hour or so (score, some much deserved free time for mom- this gift truly will serve double duty!), you can surprise her with a gift that she'll treasure forever... her little baby's hand or foot print done up as a sweet, frameable piece of art.

After selecting your design from over 200 choices, Krystal will stamp your cupcake's hand or foot and then deliver them back a few weeks later, as original mini works of art. Cost is $30-$35, depending on which design you choose.

We'll be getting started at 10:00, so please call the store at 707-579-2165 or email us to set up an appointment.

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love at first sight

my little 8 month old granddaughter loves her new little doll and the activity book as well!

My daughter loved it!

These bath bombs were a hit! She also loved the little surprise sponge that popped out of them. I’ll be stopping by to get more!

My niece loved these!

Super cute and stylish for kiddos

Perfect and cozy!

Fits my babies head perfectly and super cute and comfortable!

It is a wonderful, playful dress...My two year old granddaughter twirls and smiles, twirls and smiles.

On my end, it's organic cotton - our skin is the largest absorber of toxins - a big deal not to put toxins next to the skin of a two year old.