Portable Cupcake: Tips for Stress-Free Summer Travel

It is finally summer and time to travel. Whether you're headed to a beach cottage, a posh European resort, or a campground in Yosemite, taking baby cupcake with you can be a challenge. Ever wonder how Brad and Angelina appear so rested and stylish after flying overseas with four kids? Take our tips for stress-free tot travel and step off the plane without looking like you'd just been to war.

Don't Forget to Bring Binky
The diaper bag is overflowing with diapers. You packed enough spare bottles for a small army. But you forgot the one thing your child can't live without – their favorite toy. Your dream vacation suddenly turns into a nightmare and your sweet cupcake baby turns into a screaming mess.

To avoid a tantrum takeover, create a checklist and put your child's favorite toy in the number one slot. After all, you can pick up other supplies on the road. But you'll never be able to replace that special stuffed animal. Pack these adorable Wabbanub pacifiers just in case you lose Binky and need a quick substitute.

Flying Coach with Cupcake
When you fly with cupcake for the first time, prepare for some turbulence, and we aren't talking about the plane-shaking kind. Stick to your baby's sleep routine as much as possible. Forgo the itchy airplane blanket and wrap baby cupcake in a snuggly blanket instead.

Try to schedule a nonstop flight, so you only have to go through that awful ear-popping descent once. Pack a chic diaper bag and diaper wipe case so you'll look and feel like a first class passenger, even if you're stuck in coach.

Dress for the Weather
Even tropical climates get chilly at night. Dress baby in layers to avoid a fashion disaster and subsequent tantrums. This versatile Yoshiko hooded shirt looks adorable layered over long sleeves. Bring at least two pairs of shoes for your toddler. Jack and Lily Brown Sandal lets little feet breathe, even during hot weather. It also provides ample support for standing in line and sightseeing.

Expect things to get lost on the road and don't forget to check under the hotel bed. To avoid a trip to the lost and found, carry personalized baby gifts that can easily be returned.

Now that you know how to travel with a tot in tow, visit www.ShopCupcake.com for cupcake couture that keep your baby cupcake ready for any adventure.

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