Prepare Baby Cupcake for Wintry Weather With Personalized Baby Gifts Layer by Layer

Cupcake Jenna

As the temperatures drop and the leaves fall, it’s time to bundle up that bundle of joy. Often, new parents make the mistake of swaddling baby in a plush snow suit, as a fortress against chilly winter winds. But when it’s time to change the diaper, the cute snowsuit becomes an annoyance as parents race to take it off.

This winter, use the onion as inspiration for baby's outfits. It sounds strange (not to mention stinky) but an onion has the perfect winter outfit – it’s all about layers that can be easily removed when the temp fluctuates. Here’s how to dress your cupcake baby for wintry weather with a few personalized baby gifts and a lot of layers.

Start With A Snug Under Layer
First, envelop baby in a snug under layer. If you’re the parent of a toddler, look for thermal separates and if your child is still an infant, stock up on long-sleeve jumpers for the chilly winter months. Perfect for toddlers, these Blume thermals keep drafts out and warm air in. This flower dot one piece keeps your little girl snug and there's a reversible matching hat that goes with it.

Adorable Winter Jackets for the Outer Layer
Once you have a snuggly soft inner layer, it’s time to search for a jacket. Avoid the heavy snowsuit for an infant, unless you’ll be outside in sub-zero temperatures. Jackets should feel thick enough to protect baby from wintry winds and allow mobility. This hoodie is perfect for breezy fall or spring days, while this fuzzy winter jacket makes a darling outer layer.

Accessorize with Personalized Baby Gifts
Shoes, socks, and a hat are other important elements to your babies’ new layered look. Whenever you bring your baby cupcake outside, he or she should have both shoes and socks on to prevent those precious tooties from feeling chill. These pedi flex Mia boots provide a practical and fashionable addition to your little girl’s winter wardrobe. Top it all off with personalized baby gifts like baby hats and bibs from Blume.

Now that baby is comfy under multiple layers, finish off the outfit with a blanket. No matter how frightful the weather is, every infant will muster a smile when they’re swaddled in this cheery Disco Dot blanket . With our personalized baby gifts, your baby will be as snug as a bug in a rub. Or at least, an onion.

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