Presley Sports Duds from His Favorite Store

Cupcake Jenny

When asked by his parents what he wanted to do one afternoon, Presley announced that he wanted to go shopping at Cupcake! Ahhhh, nothing melts my heart more!! Look out girls, he's a looker and a shopper!

Extremely happy with his purchase, today's chosen outfit includes Presley's favorite Dragon Tee and shorts by Wild Mango and super comfy Noah sandalsfrom Pediped's Flex collection.

Playing it ever so cool but uber stylish, Presley sports his Shouri Woven Shirt by Tea.

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Cute Mary Janes

These are really adorable 🥰

Perfect pick and extra special because my granddaughters name is Amelia. We got the last one

Knit dress: Pink
Katherine Stewart
Beautiful clothing!!!!

The items I purchased were absolutely fabulous and simply adorable.

Jewel Dress: Coral
Pam Watkins

Cutest dress ever. Amelia had to wear it out of the store.

Brooklyn Dress

Dress is for my granddaughter who I will visit next week so she hasn't seen/tried on the dress as yet but she usually loves the dresses I have brought her -- as well as her sister - and all of them have been from Cupcake!