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As shows like "The O.C." and "Laguna Beach" glamorize California- while claiming status as the state's current pockets of ubercool-areas like Los Angeles and Hollywood remain historical bastions of fame and fortune.

But there is a less-known city in the heart of Sonoma County, 55 miles north of San Francisco and 30 miles east of the Pacific and the largest city between San Francisco and Portland, which is starting to come into its own.

The charming town of Santa Rosa, home of hot air balloons, spas, wineries and river sports, is slowly carving out a niche for itself amongst its well-known sister cities. With impressive culture and a small-town feel, Santa Rosa is quickly distinguishing itself as the best of both worlds. And a series of burgeoning new storefronts contribute to this city's up-and-coming feel!

On that note, nothing makes a city more famous than a must-see street. From Rodeo Drive to Santa Monica Boulevard, everyone knows a fabulous avenue is the epitome of California cool. Enter Santa Rosa's historic Fourth Street-a street which is in the midst of a revival springing to life with a cache of chic new shops and eateries.

One such shop is the adorable Cupcake--a boutique for the trendy tot and the ultimate spot for Santa Rosa baby clothing, gifts and accessories. With its cheery urban vibe, eye-catching displays and top-notch name brands, Cupcake brings the kind of quality baby gifts and clothing that used to be available only in neighboring metropolis San Francisco. By bringing baby couture to Santa Rosa, Cupcake infuses Fourth Street and beyond with its fun, funky vibe, and residents of the area are loving the results!

With symphony, theatre, wineries and golf courses galore, Santa Rosa has all the makings of a first-class vacation spot, retirement locale, or family-friendly living environment. If you're in the area, just pop down to Fourth Street and into Cupcake to see what we mean!

Some of downtown Santa Rosa's other savory boutiques and eateries:

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La Vera Pizza:


Lotus Beauty Bar


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love at first sight

my little 8 month old granddaughter loves her new little doll and the activity book as well!

My daughter loved it!

These bath bombs were a hit! She also loved the little surprise sponge that popped out of them. I’ll be stopping by to get more!

My niece loved these!

Super cute and stylish for kiddos

Perfect and cozy!

Fits my babies head perfectly and super cute and comfortable!

It is a wonderful, playful dress...My two year old granddaughter twirls and smiles, twirls and smiles.

On my end, it's organic cotton - our skin is the largest absorber of toxins - a big deal not to put toxins next to the skin of a two year old.