Size Matters

Jenny Romeyn

Is Your Cupcake Wearing the Right Size?

Did you know that Cupcake measures children's feet? And while we’d love more than anything for you to be able to run down to one of our stores to have your child fit in person, especially since we have our brand new Spring delivery of Native Shoes and Salt Water Sandals, but due to sheltering in place it’s not an option. So what to do? We’re here to help you figure out what size is the right size to buy for your child now by offering virtual shoe fitting. 

Getting the right size shoe for your child is important. Nearly ⅔ of all children are wearing the wrong size shoe, which can permanently damage their feet. Kids' feet grow fast and while having to buy new, quality shoes often can be expensive, it doesn’t compare to the long-term cost and effects of wearing the incorrect size. For early walkers the wrong size can cause them to trip and make learning to walk an even bigger challenge than it already is. Wearing shoes too small can cause all children foot and posture damage by putting too much pressure on their growing feet and deforming their soft bones and cartilage. Wearing shoes too big can cause the shoes to rub and form blisters which are not only painful but can become infected.  


How to measure:
1. Have your child stand up with their feet flat and firm to the floor. Measure from the heel of the foot to the longest toe. This will ensure there's plenty of room for their tiny toes! Measure both feet and go with the measurement of the longest foot.
2. Add ½” to the measurement of the longest foot.
3. Email us the measurement and we’ll virtually fit the correct size.

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