Sparkle and Shine for the Holidays

Cupcake Sarah & Lizzy

The holidays are rapidly approaching, can you believ

e it? It's time to set aside your favorite Cupcake summer dresses and time to start thinking about the perfect holiday ensemble for your little girl. Whatever her style, Cupcake has all of the necessities for the perfect head to toe look this holiday season. With all of the holiday gatherings coming up, dresses are a must, and you may be wondering what that perfect outfit for your little girl should be. Both Mimi & Maggie and Luna Luna have a beautiful selection of dresses to choose from, with just the right amount of sparkle and style. One of my favorite dresses this season is the Ritz dress by Luna Luna.

A cozy cardigan or wrap is the perfect addition to any outfit as it gets into these chilly winter months, so check out the chic Diva Shrug from Luna Luna and the super soft Snowflurries Shrug by Mimi & Maggie. If your little one wants really wants to get into the holiday spirit, this red Mimi & Maggie holiday dress is the perfect choice!

Be sure to check out our other fabulous holiday dresses to find the best option for your little girl!

Worried about your little one getting too cold this winter? Throw a cute pair of solid or printed tights underneath her holiday dress and your gal will stay warm and cozy all night long. Finally, my favorite part of any outfit-- the accessories and shoes. To complete this holiday look for your trendy girl, a sparkly pair of Coastal Projection Shoes and a snazzy headband or flower clip will really polish this look off.

No matter the occasion, your little one will be sparkling and stylish this holiday season!

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