Spring in December?!

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Spring in December?! by Cupcake Katie 12/2/10 Can you believe it?! December is finally here and the holiday season is in full swing! I hope you are all just as excited as I am! So, I just wanted to share with you all that we have received our first Spring shipment of the season. That's right - SPRING! This year's 1st Spring shipment Honor belongs to Ooh! La, La! Couture. Ooh! La, La! creates really cute, super funky, tutu dresses. They are to die for both on the rack and on the little ones. If you're out on the town passing by the store tonight, you'll see these awesome dresses on our new arrivals stand up at the front. For those of you snuggled in your cozy homes, I've included some quick snapshots:

Sequin Dress.jpg

We have the Sequin Dress available in size 2T through size 6.

Bubblegum Toile Dress.jpg

We have the Pink Bubblegum Toile Dress in size 6-12 months through 4T.

We're still working on getting these guys up on Shopcupcake, but if you are interested in one of the dresses, please give us a call at 707.579.2165.

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Cute but short

Very cute dress. Bought for my 7mo. She has a longer torso so the dress was quite short. But sweet nonetheless

Mila Sunglasses
Noreen Carvolth
She will look like a rockstar!

These glasses along with the white flower ones were the hit of the baby shower, along with the cherry tootsie zip and teething ring! So proud to say that the Cupcake store resides I my hometown!

Teething Pleasing

Cute, soft and will do the job!

Just the best!

The Mama-to-Be swooned over this cherry ruffle footie zip. Baby not on planet earth yet, but guaranteeing she will be styling come October!

Vintage 2021 S/S Onesie
Leilani Robershotte
Cutest Onesie for Wine County!

We Love Them! We now live up here & it is a unique way to say it came from us & the yr the Baby was born! We send these to friends & family all over the World! I just wish they had more size choices, all the time! But this also might be a reflection on their popularity!
Ps We also love all the clothes, shoes & other fun stuff in the store!