Tea Collection Makes the Foreign Familiar in the U.S.

Tea Collection Makes the Foreign Familiar in the U.S.

Tea Collection: A Mission of Inspiration

Tea Collection is a company that believes that children's clothes should do more than just cover them up and look stylish; they should also tell a story and engage children in the world around them. Twice every year, the designers at Tea leave their home borders and scope out their next inspiration for their kids’ clothes collections. By going to different places around the world, they expose themselves to the different arts and cultures of citizens of the world and incorporate that into their clothing. This allows them to create beautiful masterpieces that are designed to be worn, each one with its own story behind it. Their goal is to make girls’ clothing and boys' clothing that helps to make something that might otherwise be foreign and new to a child totally familiar in an effort to encourage them to learn more about the world and its peoples.


After Years of Travel, Tea Collection Stays Home

This year, Tea has opted to stay in the United States and go on their mission locally for the first time since starting their company. For the Spring, Summer and Fall children's boutique clothing collections, they have turned inward to examine the unique parts of America and all of its regional and cultural differences to highlight them for children who might not have yet gotten a chance to see such things for themselves. 


Peach Flower Dress

One of the places they are taking inspiration from is the Southern states. Traveling from the Carolinas to the very tip of Florida, Tea will derive inspiration from the Cuban and French Creole fusions of the deep south and bayous of Louisiana to the beautiful state of culturally-rich South Carolina, through little Havana and beyond. From there, the designers at Tea will head west to check out the coastal, surfing culture that surrounds the shores of California while exploring the tropical and laid back environments of Hawaii.


The Southwest will be ventured into, and the sands of the desert, the unique animals and the abundant plant life will fuel hours of creation and brainstorming for the team, ending in children's clothes that tell a unique story about this often-overlooked part of the United States. Indigenous cultures will be explored, and their arts, such as ancient pottery, hand-painted murals, Otami embroidery and more will be accounted for.


In the fall, Tea hits the East in order to catch a glimpse of and be inspired by the changing colors of the leaves. On the coasts of New England, cute, quaint towns will be picked through for nautical inspiration, and New York City will shine a light on the busy, urban side of things where high fashion rules the streets and worldwide cuisine can be found. Come fall, they'll make their way into the sleepy Midwest to explore the plains and end their journey in the Pacific Northwest.


Covering every region of the country, Tea Collection is prepared to change the way you think of children's boutique clothing. Within a country with so many stories to tell, children often do not get a chance to hear them all--but when they wear the clothing created by Tea, they will be exposed to new cultures and brand new interests that they never knew they had to start with. 

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