Tea Fall 2013 New Arrivals: China Blue

Cupcake Sarah

Tea has done it again! We are excited to announce the first Fall 2013 Tea shipment, China Blue, has arrived and the colors and prints are brighter and more fun than ever! Inspired by China, Tea designed their new line based on the places, colors, animals, florals, and meanings that the Chinese culture has to offer.

Porcelain hand painting and stenciling is explored in some of this season's pieces, such as the Porcelain Floral Henley Dress.

This season's girl's designs are heavily floral; In the Chinese culture, flowers hold various different meanings. Chrysanthemums, for example, symbolize a long life of ease and good luck. Tea incorporated Chrysanthemums into a few of their items, such as the Chrysanthemum Wrap Romper and theChrysanthemum Banded Dress, both in a vivid yellow with blue accents. Another favorite of mine from the latest shipment is the Plum Blossom Romper: plum blossoms bloom in cold weather, symbolizing strength. The pink, red, and deep teal color used in the design are both eye-catching and beautiful. Your little Cupcake will look fabulous dressed in these outfits involving bright colors and fun meanings!

Tea didn't forget to incorporate an equal amount of fun and meaning into their boy clothes! Deck out your little dude in this Pouncing Tiger Tee, guaranteed to turn heads with its cool design, not to mention tigers are a symbol of protection and power. For your tiny guys, check out this adorable blue Lucky Fish Romper! Koi fish hold meanings of good luck and perseverance.

What do most of the pieces mentioned have in common? Their designs, whether floral or animal-inspired, all symbolize strong, positive qualities! Whatever the occasion you are dressing your little Cupcake for, Tea has made sure that they will be looking stylish, as well as putting good vibes out there into the world! Be sure to come in and check out what else Tea can tell you about China this season through their beautiful clothing! 

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