Tea Spring 2013: African Indigos Delivery

Cupcake Jenna

Attention all Tea enthusiasts! The first delivery of Tea's Spring collection has shipped is already flying out the door. It's a great transition into Spring, still featuring some long sleeved items and layering pieces. It mixes and matches nicely with the Fall collection and so much more in our store.

So where did those lucky Tea fashion designers get to go this season? South Africa! That's right. This Spring will be full of color, bold details, and great animal features. The first delivery, African Indigos, is a great taste of what the region has to offer. Get ready to mix a bunch of fun prints and colors, like big floral dresses with polka dot leggings and stripe sweaters. It's all about the indigo arts of South Africa the designers found in the Johannesburg marketplaces. The area's great textile effects were brought into this collection as well, including wax painting, bead-looking embellishments, and tie-dye.

They introduced a few new shapes in African Indigos that even the avid Tea regular doesn't know yet. Their Knit Gypsy Pants for girls and their Camp Shirt style for boys are brand new additions to the Tea family and we can't wait to get feedback.

Like all of Tea's collections, this delivery has a great mix and match feeling, so buy 6 items and make 9 outfits or more! Layer a purity tee or light weight hoodie under a short sleeve tee shirt for boys and grab an extra coordinating legging to go with your girl's dress to create extra outfit options.

We are so excited about African Indigos and what Tea still has to offer in the following deliveries featuring South Africa. And as always, we can't wait to see all of our little Cupcake shoppers sporting these new outfits!

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Cutest dress ever!

What an uplifting morning, choosing among adorable and distinctive dresses for my newest family member! And the staff helped me add bows and tights and all the little extras that make shopping at Cupcake so much fun. My niece is thrilled, and MacKenzie will look darling when she gets big enough. ( I always buy for those later months OUT there a bit!) Great experience, and I will go back because the clothing is so tasteful and not at all the latest fad.

These are dresses I mailed away to granddaughters, and grandnieces and there hasn't been enough time to receive feedback. I know that from all other outfits I have sent to them each time they were loved and thought they were wonderful quality and beautiful designs.


Iā€™m satisfied with this purchase so far. The outfit is adorable and seems to be of good quality.


Super cute good fit


Fit perfectly