Tea's Sunset on the Savanna Spring 2013 Collection

Tea's Sunset on the Savanna Spring 2013 Collection

Ever wish you could take your little cupcakes on an adventurous safari tour through the wild savannas of South Africa? Well that is just what the designers of the Tea spring collection did and they brought the unique colors of the savanna sunset and the exotic animals of the safari home to us! Zebra prints, sunset stripes, and retro animal designs are what this new installment of the Tea spring collection is all about. Not only does this new collection tie in nicely with the previous African Indigos collection but the new addition of prints, styles, and graphics make for unlimited choices for the unique personality in each of your little tykes. The keyword for this spring collection? LAYERING. Long sleeves, short sleeves, hoodies, tunics, leggings, button ups, zip-ups, sweaters and so much more! Each piece in this Sunset on the Savanna collection is made to mix and match and layer, layer, layer. The cherry on top of this fabulous South African sundae? With all of the layering your little cupcake will be doing this spring, you'll already have a head start on many clothing choices for those warm weather months we're all waiting for!  

Another thing to love about the Sunset on the Savanna collection, adorable mix and match coordinates for those days you still want all your little tykes to dress alike. From the sister Zebra Stripe Flutter Dress and the brother Zebra Stripe Polo to the big sister Desert Bloom Wrap dress and the little sister Desert Beauties Romper, your cupcakes will be looking like they just stepped out of a catalog and onto the playground.

Not only is this spring collection fashionable, it's practical too! Lightweight and comfortable, they'll be ready to play all day!

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