The Gender Reveal Party

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From the classic baby shower to the more unique Blessing Way, pre-baby parties have been popular among expectant parents for years. Of course, the good times don't just stop at these get togethers. Where there is a pregnancy milestone, there is an opportunity to bring together family and friends for a celebration. The latest trend in these pre-baby shindigs is the Gender Reveal Party, or a party that helps the parents-to-be reveal the gender of their little one to family and friends in fun ways.

These parties range from simple reveals to the more surprise-inducing activities. Expectant parents can request that their guests wear pink or blue, whichever color their guess is for the new baby, and then reveal it to their guests through a game or other creative tactic (such as popping blue or pink confetti filled balloons, or voting jars labeled with "boy" or "girl"). A popular reveal choice has been hiding blue or pink balloons in a box, and then releasing either color (or both, if they are twins!) during the party. A more recent reveal technique has been hiring an ultrasound technician to come to the home of the couple, and reveal the gender not only to family and friends, but to the parents themselves.


Another option for the gender reveal is for parents to be surprised by a third party. Once the gender of the baby is found out by the doctor, they will write the gender on a piece of paper, seal it in an envelope, and have the couple deliver it to a bakery of their choosing. The baker then opens the envelope, and bakes a cake with either blue or pink food coloring. The cake is cut and served at the party, surprising everyone. A final party idea is what has become known as the Paint Fight Party. A third party is informed of the sex of the baby, and buys the appropriate paint color. The couple is blind folded, and starts a paint fight with the chosen color. They are then allowed to take their blind folds off and find out what the gender of the child is.

Elaborate party ideas and photos have been circulating all over social media sites, beckoning new parents to top the latest creative party with their own unique twist. Whether it is an occasion between a couple or an event shared with family and friends, it is sure to be a special moment for all that are involved.

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