The Gingerbread House: Sweet Inspiration for Room Decoration

So you've got your cupcake clothed in the cutest ensembles to ever grace a lucky, fashion-forward kid – but why stop there when you can reflect your child's stylish uniqueness in their room, too? When it's time to decorate or redecorate for an impending little one or growing child, skip the tired baby duckling wallpaper or consumerist explosion of Disney characters lining the walls and get your cupcake's room decorated as cutely as their tiny little selves.

Sweet room décor is the key to making a child feel loved, safe, and happy in their room, especially as they grow older and start playing on their own more often. Personalized items make a child feel special, and it's always better to have a room that's slightly cluttered with toys and books than one that's too perfect and bare to identify the child that inhabits it. It's best to establish guidelines of how clean the room needs to be – for example, while you might not want to force your child to pack all their toys away in a toybox, you can certainly encourage them to display the toys neatly, especially if they're stuffed animals or larger, more unwieldy toys.

For a warm room that encourages growth and quiet time, consider creating a small reading nook for your child's room. Simply set aside one corner for a bookshelf or two of their favorite books, as well as books a reading level or two up so they can have goals to reach. A cozy atmosphere can be created by using low, dark wood bookshelves and a small beanbag chair, along with a reading lamp so they don't strain their eyes. Let them pick a favorite picture or two for the wall from a selection of Wall Art, such as a giraffe for the young animal lover or a pirate for the brave explorer. Mount these pictures increasingly closer together as they move inward toward the reading corner to create an intimate feeling of warmth that will encourage your child to spend rainy days cozily reading a book.

Set a family picture on their dresser or windowsill to get sentimentality installed early and personalize the room further for kids of all ages. This whimsical Wish Frame looks adorable perched on a high bookshelf with a family portrait or sweet candid shot of baby's first day out, so you can enjoy looking at it too. Living far away from other family members? Slot in a shot of their grandparents or other close relatives who live out of town so they grow up with an image of a beloved face nearby, even if they don't often see those relatives in person.

Once you've built the basics into your cupcake's room décor you can start adding in the little details that make a room especially sweet. Whether your kid is musically inclined or afraid of the dark (not that there's anything wrong with that), they'll love the little things that make their room their own, and you'll love having another room in your house that you can be proud of!

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