The Key To Creating Keepsake Baby Gifts

In a world increasingly taken over by toys and gifts that are more about product tie-ins than creating something special for a child, it can be difficult to pick out gifts for your kids. Where are the pretty dolls and personalized piggy banks of our youth? These days they've been replaced by branded creations that come along with TV shows, DVDs, lunch boxes, clothing lines, bedding, amusement park rides… we could go on! Instead, let's get back to the things that a child will really treasure even after they're grown and their favorite product tie-in TV show is off the air: personalized baby gifts.

Welcome a child into the world with a Personalized Baby Dot Dish Set of a dish, bowl, and tiny cup customized with your baby's name and date of birth. The darling dot pattern comes in cornflower blue, blossom pink, or pretty (and gender-neutral) sweet pea green so you can help your baby recognize their individuality early on. This handmade, hand-painted gift set will last your child long past their sippy-cup years - imagine passing this set along to your grandchildren! You can also pick up the Personalized Baby Dot Bowl separately.

Decorate your child's bedroom with adorable personalized wall art and they'll be proud to show off their room to friends! Put up this Personalized Stork Delivery Wall Art in a nursery to celebrate your new arrival, or give one to newly-minted parents as a congratulatory gift! Older children will love having wall art for their own, too - if your child is all about lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!), they'll love Personalized Circus Wall Art advertising a three-ring of their very own! Can't get your little chef-in-training out of the kitchen? Show you appreciate their cooking help with this darling Kitchen Design Wall Art!

Giving one of those as birthday gifts? Pair it with the best accessory for a child's birthday party - a Personalized Plate wishing them the happiest of birthdays. There's a wide selection to choose from, so go with the colors your child likes best, and please your little cupcake with a Personalized Cupcake Plate of their very own! You can even use it after the day has passed as a dessert plate for special occasions, or any occasion at all to signify a special treat!

If you want something cute for your nightstand, try this Personalized Baby Dot Frame, perfect for holding your favorite picture of your little one. It's great for placing wherever you'll see it so you can see your child as soon as you wake up without even leaving the room. We like it on the dresser, too! And if your child has an excess of tiny knick-knacks or even small pieces of jewelry, kick the clutter in a clever way with a Personalized Itty Bitty Box for all their desktop trinkets - it's a cute way to get them to agree to clean up cluttered spaces without making it seem like work! They'll treasure it for years, too.

Of course, personalized baby gifts are good for more than just creating keepsakes! You can clothe your own little keepsake in a Personalized Patch Onesie in your favorite shade of pink, black, or yellow, so everyone knows how to address your little darling. These are especially great for twins!

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