The Maternity Maxi, Still a Celeb Favorite

At a "modern circus" themed birthday party to rival "My Super Sweet 16," expectant Tori Spelling and Ali Landry were spotted partying away. The birthday girl was Simone Masterson-Horn, the daughter of Bill Horn and Scout Masterson.

You may recognize them as Tori's children's "Guncles" from her show. Simone turned one year and not without all of the celebrity trimmings; there was a full sized merry-go-round and a carousel shaped cake, as well as all of the cupcakes, cookies, and candies you could dream of on The Santa Monica Pier. Bill told People Magazine, "Without any doubts I can say that the past year has been the best year of my life. Being a dad is amazing, and Simone is truly one awesome little girl


Tori and Ali were both dressed in flowy maxi dresses, one of the hottest trends of the season for both maternity and not. Ali is due this October and Tori is keeping that little detail to herself for now. If you want to adopt this celeb-favorite style, make sure to check out our maternity dress selection. The Nom Zora Maxi Dress features a similar tie dye effect to Ali's. Our other favorite maxi is the Maternal America Halter Maxi Dress in navy with built-in cups.

We are so happy for Tori and Ali, as well as the birthday girl and her daddies! We can't wait to hear more from them.

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