There'll be Swingin', Swayin' and Records Playin', Dancin' in the Store

Cupcake Jenna

I visited last week after a long period of being away and I couldn't believe how great the store looks. Everything a kid could need for Fall was there, plus some. When I was looking around, a song came on that brought me back to a day, years ago, when I was working in the store alone on a rainy and gloomy afternoon. A man came in, probably in his 70s, and needed help picking out a gift for his grand-daughter. This same song started to play then. It's fromNew Orleans Playground by Putumayo, where swing music is combined with kid sounds and voices to make a great kid-friendly CD. When this song came on, the guy told me how he used to always dance to swing music when he was younger. I made the mistake of telling him that I took a few swing dance lessons in high school. He proceeded to convince me to dance with him... in the middle of the store! I tried to convince him otherwise at first, saying it had been years and I have always had two left feet. My pleading didn't work, so we danced. I was horrible, but he was nice and lied, saying I was just fine. For being such a slow and cloudy day, I will always remember him lifting my spirits. I'm pretty sure I haven't swing danced since. It's funny how little moments like that stay with you.

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This material...

This material... oh my gosh! Wish I would have found this shop sooner. My little one now has better quality clothes than me! Durable, light, easy to wash, and breathable. So cute!

My friend loved both the dress and the toy for her one year old daughter

Spring has sprung!

Sweet flowers strewn over cute romper with butterfly sleeves-swoon for a dearly loved granddaughter!

White Flynn Dress
Allison Diamond
Beautiful Dress

I sent this dress to a friend’s daughter in New York for her birthday! It is a light beautiful prairie dress. The little girl loved the dress so much that she put it on as soon as she got home from school!

Be A Good Human Tee
Brenda Moss