There'll be Swingin', Swayin' and Records Playin', Dancin' in the Store

I visited last week after a long period of being away and I couldn't believe how great the store looks. Everything a kid could need for Fall was there, plus some. When I was looking around, a song came on that brought me back to a day, years ago, when I was working in the store alone on a rainy and gloomy afternoon. A man came in, probably in his 70s, and needed help picking out a gift for his grand-daughter. This same song started to play then. It's fromNew Orleans Playground by Putumayo, where swing music is combined with kid sounds and voices to make a great kid-friendly CD. When this song came on, the guy told me how he used to always dance to swing music when he was younger. I made the mistake of telling him that I took a few swing dance lessons in high school. He proceeded to convince me to dance with him... in the middle of the store! I tried to convince him otherwise at first, saying it had been years and I have always had two left feet. My pleading didn't work, so we danced. I was horrible, but he was nice and lied, saying I was just fine. For being such a slow and cloudy day, I will always remember him lifting my spirits. I'm pretty sure I haven't swing danced since. It's funny how little moments like that stay with you.

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