Tips for the Trendy Mom to Be!!!

Cupcake Jenny

Whether you're driving by our store and see our maternity window display with our maternity mannequins (which are always dressed to the nines with their designer jeans or cute maxi dresses) or you come in and shop our newly expanded and remodeled maternity boutique, you know instantly that we're the place that knows fashion. I love it when our pregnant customers come in and walk straight back into our maternity section. They can instantly see how fashionable pregnant women can look and I can almost hear their sigh of relief. I greet them and tell them that they should try on several things, because trust me ladies, everything looks different on the hanger. I actually never realized that until I personally started trying on all of our maternity clothes when they would arrive. I did this so that I could tell customers exactly how the garment fits and how they run (big, small, roomier here or there). I also did this because as many of my customers know, I am short and this means that some clothes don't look as flattering on me. So whether you're six foot something or five foot nothing, I can tell you first hand which items will and won't work. Expanding on that knowledge, I thought I'd share a few of my personal tips that I think all women should consider when building their maternity wardrobe. My first tip is that everyone needs a good pair of maternity jeans. I don't know about you, but I live in my jeans. And I couldn't ever imagine having to give them up when I get pregnant! When picking out maternity jeans, I always tell women that they should try on as many different brands of jeans as possible because each one fits differently. We carry designer jeans from Paige, J & Company, Juicy, James Jeans, J Brand and Citizens as well as a few non-designer styles. Paige and James Jeans are two of our most popular designer brands because instead of having the big, thick elastic belly band attached to the jeans, they have an adjustable waistband on the inside. All you have to do is pull both sides of the elastic band on the inside of the jeans and fasten them to little buttons. Then when you start to get bigger, release the elastic and let it out a little at a time. These jeans are great because they'll literally grow with you... and the best part-- no one will ever know they are maternity jeans so you can continue to wear them after as well!Second tip is, when it comes to tops, I would say every pregnant mama needs Michael Stars in her closet. They come in one size fits most which means they'll continue to stretch to fit your belly and they're all long which means your belly won't be peeking out from underneath. Michael Stars comes in a wide variety of colors and styles which is great because, trust me, once you get one you will come back for another. Best part is you can wear them after your pregnancy as well!


The third tip for mamas-to-be is with the warm weather fast approaching, dresses tend to be the hottest trend because comfort is key. This is why we tend to order a lot of dresses for Spring and Summer. We have a huge selection of maxi dresses right now and they are all so unique from one another. We just picked up a new line of great dresses by designer Everly Grey. This Spring's collection features my personal favorite- a strapless dress in a black and white print. This dress can be worn during the day as a casual look with flip flops and dressed up at night by throwing on a long necklace and a cute pair of gladiator sandals. I love great pieces that can go from day to night! This dress would be perfect for your baby shower or dinner with your girlfriends. Nicole Richie is rocking a lot of maxi dresses right now as she is expecting baby number two early this Fall. Maxi dresses were really popular last year and as we can see, they weren't just a fad because they are back even stronger this year! Finally, my last tip that every pregnant woman should follow is, don't be afraid to wear color. Spring is a time when bright colors and prints are fun to experiment with. Trust me, I love dark colors like every other girl, but I love the new prints that have arrived for Spring. Don't feel like you have to wear black because your belly is growing. Instead, step out of your comfort zone and try on some bright new colors that you thought you might not dare to wear. The hot colors for spring are green, coral, navy, magenta, and white. All of these colors are flattering on most complexions and are guaranteed to put you in a good mood! So next time you think of throwing on the same old black shirt you always wear, think twice and remember these tips for the trendy mom-to-be. Trust me, you'll thank me for it!

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