Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 2.14.2010

Cupcake Katie

As the saying goes "All good things must comes to an end," this may be true for our annual end of the season sale this past week, but one good thing that will never end is our ever changing adorable collections. This years Spring and Summer collections have never looked so good, and with the seasons a changin' our customers know so do the latest styles, accessories included. 1. Yellow Bird Gift Tags- These adorable gift tags are the icing to the cupcake, when you are giving that special gift. 2. Nursing Bra- Not your average nursing bra. With its lacy details and matching panties, this line also offers a matching robe, night gown, and pajamas which is the perfect necessity for your overnight bag for the hospital and all those sleepless nights ahead. 3. Daily Tee Ume Banded Dress- One of our most popular brands with our customers is Tea and it showed on the top 10 for the second time in a row! You are able to make up to 9 different outfits with this collection including leggings, tops, and dresses. Talk about getting the most out of something, and looking good doing it. 4. Eleven Helena Shoes- A cool shoe for big girls! If your little cupcake has grown out of toddler sizes, look no further! The Eleven Helena is part of the new collection from See Kai Run's sister company, Eleven, and we have them available in a size 9-1. 5. Bella Band Almost every mama I help here in the store tries on the Bella Band to see how it works and they love it so much they end up wearing them out with a smile on their face. Just unbutton those pre-preggo jeans and slip this soft stretchy band over your belly. 6. Twilight Turtle -The twilight turtle is part of the Sleep Sheep and Friends collection, and gives a whole new take on night lights. The Twilight Turtle projects a starry night sky on the bedroom ceiling and walls in three soothing colors, amber, blue, and green all while the turtle's shell glows. Its obvious why customers love this item, it creates a fun yet soothing bedtime experience for your little one, which than creates the same soothing bedtime experience for Mom and Dad. 7. Confetti Valentine Raincoat- Being the necessity they are, these bright red, with pink and red polka dot lining Valentine raincoats are falling off our racks and running onto the streets with no sign of letting up. 8. Wubbanub Brown Monkey These guys have been flying out the door almost every week! This Monkey has a super soft chocolate brown coat. It's perfect for those little hands to cuddle with while they chomp on the attached Soothie. 9. Rock a Bye Baby Coldplay Renditions -These Rockabye Baby Lullaby renditions are always a popular item. What better way to get your little one in tune with music than by introducing them to main stream in, or right out of the oven. Coldplay's most popular songs are played in a lullaby rendition and are still enjoyable to mommy and daddy. 10. Kyle by Pediped Flex- We have this trainer in navy or chocolate. Hmmm . . .decisions, decisions.

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