Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 3.21.2010

It must be true, you can never get enough of a good thing. This past week our top ten list consisted of some of our most popular items that seem be a favorite with our customers every week, or at least every other. 1. "I'm with the hottie" onesie -It really doesn't get any cuter than this when it comes to onesies! These are hard to get a hold of because almost as soon as they come in they are sold out. 2. Buddie Blanket Tiger -These Buddie Blankets will become your little cupcake's buddie turned bestie blanket almost immediately. These soft blankets come in many different characters and are the perfect small size to be taken with them anywhere. This week was grrrrrrrreat for the tiger! 3. Lelli Kelly Glitter Silver Flower Shoe - Lelli Kelly's are a great look for the spring with all their sparkles and bling! These popular shoes are just to sweet to resist, and treating your little one's craving for these popular never felt so guilt free. 4. Animal Ring Rattle Monkey -You can never go wrong with a rattle for your little Cupcake, and something else you can never go wrong with is anything including animals. It is clear than, you just cant go wrong with these Animal Ring Rattles making this a must have this week yet again! 5. Beige Blossom Bunny- With Easter approaching we have an adorable assortment of bunnies to choose from. Be sure to have one in your cupcake's Easter basket! 6. Wubbanub Red Dog -These guys are always flying out the door almost every week! This Red Dog has a super soft red coat. It's perfect for those little hands to cuddle with while they chomp on the attached Soothie. 7. Sophie The Giraffe -Sophie is a handmade, organic teething toy. We have all fallen in love with her here at the store, I have a feeling that special little one will fall in love with her too. 8. Toni Tierney Samba Lap Tee/ Pant -One of the many adorable creations made by a local designer of Sonoma County, Toni Tierney. 9. Daily Tea S/S Ume Dress -One of our most popular brands with our customers is Daily Tea and it has shown making an appearance weekly on our top 10! You are able to make up to 9 different outfits with this collection including leggings, tops, and dresses. Talk about getting the most out of something, and looking good doing it. 10. Yellow Bird Gift Tags- These adorable gift tags are the icing to the cupcake, when you are giving that special gift.

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