Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 4.11.2010

Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 4.11.2010 by Cupcake Sarah If you had to guess what was one of the most popular clothing brands we carry here at Cupcake you wouldn't have to look to long to find the answer, hint; it is 3 out of the 10 items on this top ten list! Daily Tea not only makes our top ten list weekly, but this time they have truly made their mark. Check out what other items keep making our list. 1. Twelve Timbers Wooden Letters- Everything is brightening up so why not do the same for your little cupcake's bedroom or favorite play space with these fun fresh letters. 2. Buddie Blanket Tiger -These Buddie Blankets will become your little cupcake's buddie turned bestie blanket almost immediately. These soft blankets come in many different characters and are the perfect small size to be taken with them anywhere. 3 .Flower Hair clips- Spring has sprung and so has the popularity of the flower hair clips here at Cupcake. These clips come in a variety of colors, and will pair nicely with any outfit. 4. Daily Tea Pool Stripe Tee- You couldn't ask for a better deal than this short sleeve Daily Tea tee shirt. This tee shirt is part of the great sale we have going on right now that includes Daily Tea..yes I did say Daily Tea! 5. Big Sis Rhinestone Tee- These tee's come in pink with fuchsia rhinestone lettering. What a great way to get your new "Big Sis" excited for her new little sister or brother. We also have these tee's in Lil Sis, as well as Big and Lil Bro in black with silver rhinestones. or we also have Big Bro tee shirts 6. Pediped Sam- They're is no questioning how Sam has made this list, all you need to do is take one look at these shoes and you will be sold. 7. Daily Tea Stripe Playdress- This dress is part of new Summer collection that just arrived for Daily Tea and is already a favorite. 8. Animal Ring Rattle Monkey -You can never go wrong with a rattle for your little Cupcake, and something else you can never go wrong with is anything including animals. It is clear than, you just cant go wrong with these Animal Ring Rattles making this a must have this week yet again! 9. Daily Tea Diving Stripe S/L Romper- It is a well known fact that Daily Tea is one of our most popular brands here at Cupcake. To prove it, this Romper is the second Daily Tea item on this list that is also part of the new summer collection that has just arrived. 10. Yellow Bird Gift Tags- These adorable gift tags are the icing to the cupcake, when you are giving that special gift.

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