Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 4.18.2010

Cupcake Sarah

Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 4.18.2010 by Cupcake Sarah This past week belonged to the boys! Some of the cutest new arrivals we have is strictly for the little guy's. You can see for your self by checking out our top ten list why they are taking over. There is still a little bit for everyone that made our list, especially a couple brand new items that are already making our list. 1. Lil Buddy Straw Cowboy Hat- Keeping things fun for the season is only one reason to get this hat. This Straw hat has been a big hit, and adds character to any outfit. 2. Bella Band If the button is starting to pop on your pre-prego jeans but you're not quite ready to succumb to maternity banded bottoms, then the Bella Band is your answer! It'll hold up your favorite go-to denim, unbuttoned! as well as keep your new maternity pants from sliding off (until your belly can hold them up on it's own. And believe it or not, it will!). 3. See Kai Run Evan -This is the most coveted sandal of the season! Soft leather, flexible sole, and of course a great chocolate brown color that goes with almost any outfit is a good shoe that can be paired with all most any outfit. 4. Daily Tea Fish Tee - This Daily Tea tee shirt is part of new summer collection that just arrived and is already a favorite. This top pairs nicely with the Tickling Stripe Long Short which also made our list at number 10. 5. Nursing Bra- Not your average nursing bra. With its lacy details and matching panties, this line also offers a matching robe, night gown, and pajamas which is the perfect necessity for your overnight bag for the hospital and all those sleepless nights ahead. 6. Little Giraffe Chenille Satin Dot Blanket - These blankets will have your little Cupcake Craving for them. The softness of the chenille and the satin make this blanket irresistible! 7. Sleep Sheep -Not only is this little guy cuddly and soft but he plays several soothing sounds to help your little one sleep easier and more soundly at night. If you love the Sleep Sheep, we now have the mini Sleep Sheep for on the go to velcro to your Cupcake's stroller or car seat! Now sleep time can be anytime and anywhere. 8. Rock Star Baby Pacifier Clip Holder - If the Rocker style is what your Cupcake prefers we have you covered, all the way down to the Rock Star Pacifier Clip Holder. Another popular choice seems to be the matching Rock Star Baby Pacifier which also made our list at number 9. 9. Rock Star Baby Tattoo Pirate Pacifier - This pacifier has put many of our trendy tot's on the VIP list to becoming a rock star. As part of the Rock Star Baby line designed by Jon Bon Jovi and Tico Torres of the rock band Bon Jovi, the rock star in you baby is sure to be seen with this pacifier. 10. Daily Tea Ticking Stripe Long Short - Making a statement as we speak! these shorts are just one of the new Daily Tea summer collection arrivals that are already hot must haves for this Spring and Summer months.

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