Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 5.24.2009

Cupcake Katie

Sometimes it's hard to know what to buy. There are so many great gifts to choose from! This week, our customers loved the following, and I'm guessing you will too! 1. Baby Mary Janes by Trumpette - One of our bestselling items. These fashionable socks are the quintessential shower gift. 2. Hydrangea Hair Clip by Anya Larre - These clips come in fabulous colors, go great with darling summer dresses, and are hand made right here in Sonoma County by local designer Andrea Halkovich! They are interchangeable with hats from the Anya Larre line as well! 3. Under the Nile Strawberry - How cute is this teething toy? Not only is it adorable but its organic! Instead of being stuffed with loose fibers, it is filled with cotton fabric to keep that little one safe. Be sure and check out the other organic fruits and veggies too. 4. Sleep Sheep by Cloud B - Not only is this little guy cuddly and soft but he plays several songs to help your little one sleep easier and more soundly at night. 5. Hot Mama Maternity Tank - You know it's true - so don't be afraid to flaunt it! 6. Sophie The Giraffe - Sophie is a handmade, organic teething toy. We have all fallen in love with her here at the store, I have a feeling that special little one will fall in love with her too. 7. Wubbanub Pink Pony - Need a pacifier? This pretty pink pony should do the trick! 8. Wubbanub Red Dog - This adorable, vibrant doggy pacifier will catch the eye and steal the heart of your little one! 9. Bella Band - Regular Pants too tight? Maternity Pants too loose? The Bella band will help hold up pants while in those between stages. Most Mama's try these on it the store and decide to wear them out! 10. Hand Knit Cupcake - These Fair Trade Cupcakes are hand knit in Bangladesh!

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love at first sight

my little 8 month old granddaughter loves her new little doll and the activity book as well!

My daughter loved it!

These bath bombs were a hit! She also loved the little surprise sponge that popped out of them. I’ll be stopping by to get more!

My niece loved these!

Super cute and stylish for kiddos

Perfect and cozy!

Fits my babies head perfectly and super cute and comfortable!

It is a wonderful, playful dress...My two year old granddaughter twirls and smiles, twirls and smiles.

On my end, it's organic cotton - our skin is the largest absorber of toxins - a big deal not to put toxins next to the skin of a two year old.