Top Ten Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 9.5.2010

Cupcake Sarah

I just got back from vacation and to put it simply, WOW! it was almost like I walked into a new boutique! We have gotten so many amazing new Fall arrivals that you could get lost in here, awe struck for hours. I am not surprised that some of these wonderful Fall arrivals are already making our Top Ten! I'm sure these new arrivals will continue to make the Top Ten for the weeks to come, just wait and see but first make sure you and your cupcake get in on them soon. 1. Sophie the Giraffe -Sophie is a handmade, organic teething toy. We have all fallen in love with her here at the store, I have a feeling that special little one will fall in love with her too 2. Pink Axle Pink Guitar on Black Beanie. - These little beanie caps are becoming a favorite fast. They just look to adorable to pass up especially when you put them on your little cupcake.The variety of fun images and colors also make it hard not to find one that your little one wouldn't love. 3. IXIX Fuchsia Crush Ruffle Dress- This dress is part of a new line, IXIX we just started carrying and it is already speaking for itself by making our Top 10! This dress along with the other IXIX outfits are so fun with all their bright colors and prints that are collaborated with the unique crushed looking cotton fabric that makes this line unique. 4. Ugg Kids Classic - Uggs are back for the season and there are plenty of new reasons, your little one needs a pair, or two for the upcoming winter weather. Whats even better is the assortment of new styles we currently have as well as the classics to choose from. Make sure you check them out soon since they are already making our top 10! 5. Jelly Cat Merryday Zebra -This zebra has the sweetest smile and the softest fur. Merryday is the perfect size for little cupcakes to wrap their arms around and cuddle with. 6. Trumpette Peewee Socks -This is a gift that is practical and cute. We always hear how Trumpette socks stay on tight and don't slip off. Twelve pairs of adorable argyle socks for your little peewee. 7. Joes Jeans Dylan - As much as you love your Joe's Jeans, why not share the love with your little cupcake? This is exactly why our Joe's Jean Dylan is so popular with the little guys, not only do the parents love them but we actually have a lot of the little guys pick them out on their own! 8. Tea Gold Leaf Banded Dress- This dress is part of the new Fall collection that just arrived for Daily Tea is becoming the most popular new pick for the girls. 9. Long Sleeve Big Sis Tee- These long sleeve tee's come in pink with fuchsia rhinestone lettering. What a great way to get your new "Big Sis" excited for her new little sister or brother. We also have these tee's in Lil Sis, as well as Big and Lil Bro in black with silver nail heads. 10. Yellow Bird Gift Tags- These adorable gift tags are the icing to the cupcake, when you are giving that special gift.

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Kristin Chambray Rainbows
Elizabeth Richardson
Great Experience

Our visit to your adorable store was a treat. My two and a half granddaughter had never been properly measured for shoes before. The sales woman who waited on us was very sweet and after measuring Ruby’s feet brought out 5 pairs of shoes to try. The shoes are well made, comfortable and easy for Ruby to put on all by herself.

Darling dress

Granddaughter loves this.

Cozy and cute

Perfect for my 6mo for the cold Fall mornings. It’s thin enough for her not to overheat but thick enough to keep her warm. I purchased size 6-9 month… it’s a little big on her now but still fits and she will be able to grow into it and wear it through winter

Cutest dress ever!

What an uplifting morning, choosing among adorable and distinctive dresses for my newest family member! And the staff helped me add bows and tights and all the little extras that make shopping at Cupcake so much fun. My niece is thrilled, and MacKenzie will look darling when she gets big enough. ( I always buy for those later months OUT there a bit!) Great experience, and I will go back because the clothing is so tasteful and not at all the latest fad.

These are dresses I mailed away to granddaughters, and grandnieces and there hasn't been enough time to receive feedback. I know that from all other outfits I have sent to them each time they were loved and thought they were wonderful quality and beautiful designs.