Top Ten Gifts Sold- May 2012

1. Infant Ruffle One-Z by Hula Mula

This is the perfect onesie to wear as the weather gets hotter and days by the pool and BBQing become more popular. It is easy to get on and off for changing and absolutely adorable. The ruffles give the onesie the perfect Summer flare! Any mom would love to dress their little girl in such a delicate yet functional outfit this Summer!

2. Jefferson by Native Footwear

What is comfortable, stylish, and useful? You guessed it, the Jefferson by Native Footwear! This shoe is one of the two styles we carry from Native and it gives off a cute Converse look without the difficult laces and stuffiness. They are flexible, airy, and great for fun around the water! These would be the perfect gift for any active boy or girl!

3. Ridiculous Romper by Hula Mula

This cute romper is perfect for any occasion, whether it is playing in the park or enjoying a great meal downtown! Since it has a halter top, it is easy to adjust and allows your little girl to grow without needing a new outfit! This is a great gift for a young girl who likes to wear girly clothes, but also likes to run and jump around!

4. Original Salt Water Sandals

Customers of all ages and pathways come in raving about these sandals! We often hear, "They are so durable," "they are so comfortable," and "they are great for all seasons," and we agree! This is the type of gift that will last for a long time and will comfort every step your little loved one takes! These shoes could also easily be passed down from sibling to sibling without losing any of their amazing qualities.

5. Vintage 2012 Short Sleeve Onesie

Do you know of a couple that loves to go wine tasting, or are just wine fanatics? Are they about to have a baby in 2012?? Well then this onesie is perfect for them! It reads "Vintage 2012" on the front complete with a vine of grapes. It's the perfect statement onesie that's fun and quirky. Not only will they have a great outfit for their little one but they will also have a great souvenir from the Wine Country.

6. Sunglasses by Appaman

Summer is here! And so are our new Appaman Sunglasses!! They are the perfect accessory to finish off that adorable little outfit and to go play in the sun. They will protect your little one's eyes and make them stylish at the same time. We have multiple different styles to match your very own pair, from aviators to checkered style Ray Bans.

7. Future Cyclist Short Sleeve Onesie

Do you know someone who loves to watch the Tour de France, or is constantly biking and is about to have a baby? Or does that sound like you or your significant other? Then this onesie is a perfect gift for the new little one. What parent doesn't want their child to have similar interests as them, especially biking enthusiasts? Not only will this gift bring smiles to everyone’s faces, it will also be a great conversation starter, and hopefully one day it will come true!

8. Cupcake Pendant Necklace

Did someone just graduate preschool? Is it someone’s birthday? Or does a little girl just deserve a beautiful gift? Either way, the Cupcake Pendant Necklace is the perfect little trinket to make a young girl's eyes light up! They are colorful, sparkly, and fun! Most little girls want to wear big girl jewelry and this is the perfect transition piece for them because it looks like mommy’s, but is playful and durable.

9. Miller by Native Footwear

What person doesn't want a great pair of shoes that are stylish, durable, reliable, waterproof, shock absorbent, odor resistant, and can be worn anywhere, anytime, and with or without socks?! Then Miller by Native is what you want!! These Vans inspired, Croc like shoes are the perfect summer shoe. They're flexible, light-weight and good for any summer activity.

10. Dip Dye High Low Dress by Tea

Looking for that perfect summer dress that is still age appropriate but trendy enough for your little girl? This Dip Dye High Low Dress by Tea is ideal for birthday parties, a day at the park, covering up a swimsuit, or going to the beach. It has the tie-dye effect without being too hippy, and the high-low skirt is a really huge trend this season for all ages. It's the perfect trendy dress that you don't have to worry about keeping pristine because of its wearability. It washes like a breeze, so it will keep its quality until she's done wearing it for good (and quite possibly little sister too!).

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