Top Ten Mom and Baby Gifts Sold - May 2011

Top Ten Mom and Baby Gifts Sold - May 2011

1. Good Night San Francisco- As much of a classic that Good Night Moon is, our customers have found that Good Night San Francisco uniquely has the same classic qualities.

2. Me in Mind Fashion Mary Jane Sock Set- This item has made countless appearances on our Top 10 List, and shows no sign of losing popularity any time soon! There are just too many budding fashionista's out there that need to start off on the right slipping them into these socks!

3. Me in Mind Sneaker Socks Set- Just as their other half continues to do month after month, these sneaker socks show no signs of slowing down when it comes to hitting our Top 10 List! You

r little guy is sure to cross the finish line fashionably, in first place with these sneaks!

4. Big Sis Tee- Being a Big Sis is a big deal, and don't our customers know it! This tee continues to show them the love they deserve, and can serve as their own personal medal or badge of honor all summer long!

5. Fore Axel and Hudson Mushroom Print S/S Shirt- This is one of the coolest shirts around for this summer season! With its wicked cool colors, it is sure to brighten up any situation your little man may find himself in. 

6. Fore Axel and Hudson L/S Cuff Shirt Double Plaid- Keeping it cool is what this top is all about! The light weight cotton knit fabric makes this shirt feel breezy and easy to wear on the cooler summer nights. Our customers seem to like having their little guys styling at all times, making this top a favorite of theirs.

7. Blah Blah Mozart Monkey- Mozart the monkey might be one exception when it comes to monkeys jumping on the bed! With his soft sweater like fabric, Mozart has became many of our little customers main squeeze this summer!

8. True Religion Girls Julie Pink with White Bartac- Being a favorite brand for the parents out there, why wouldn't they pass along their admiration to their little ones? The pink and white bartac stitching of these True Religions are nothing short of perfection!

9. Maternal America Megan Trouser Jeans- The white jean has been our most popular Maternity clothing request this summer so far! This look was hitting the runways hard this past spring and we knew as fashion forward as our customers are that these jeans were sure to be stroller strutted this summer!

10. Baby Soy Modern Romper- Our customers have been making a stylishly smart statement with these rompers! Baby Soy is part of the Green movement, by helping to reduce, reuse and recycle

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