Top Ten Mom and Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 10.3.2010

Cupcake Sarah

1. Hanna Banana Swirl Coat- This coat is what everyone is talking about! Being part of our window display, nearly every passer by stopped to admire it, and our customers bought it. With only a couple left in the beginning of Fall you should definitely check this out!

2. Annya Larre Hydrangea Hair Clip-These clips come in so many fabulous colors, and go great with any outfit! These are hand made right here in Sonoma County by local designer Andrea Halkovich!

3. Daily Tea Climb Vines Notch Front Dress-This adorable dress is part of new Fall collection and has already made our top 10 twice this month!

4. Loved Baby Gloved Sleeve Overall-This gloved sleeve overall is becoming a favorite for Loved Baby outfits.They come in 5 different colors that can be paired with a matching bib, and beanie to make your gift complete. There is no better statement to make than this, "Loved Baby" Which is displayed on the hat, bib, and outfits.

5. Monkey Bar Buddies Shorts-These nylon/ spandex shorts are a great accessory to be paired with your little girls dresses and skirts for the upcoming school year. These shorts come in four basic colors and will allow your little girl to play on the playground without abandon! 

6. Daily Tea Two Color Stripe Romper- This romper has been a perfect pick for the fall season, with its long sleeves and hoodie!

7. Morfs Oscar the Grouch L/S Tee Shirt-This shirt is a part of a new line, called Morfs we are carrying. All the shirts are sooo adorably unique there is no questioning that this line will do well as it already is with our customers. See the blog "Sesame Street at Cupcake? No Way." for the the whole scoop on this new line.

8. Junglie Tot Bunny-- This little bunny has the softest fur and is the perfect size for your cupcake to take everywhere.

9. Chaser Nirvana Black Tee- Rock and Roll never goes out of style. Why not carry on your great taste in style as well as music to your next generation with these classic band tee's. 

10. Ugg Kids Classic-- -Uggs are back for the season and there are plenty of new reasons, your little one needs a pair, or two for the upcoming winter weather. Whats even better is the assortment of new styles we currently have as well as the classics to choose from. Make sure you check them out soon since they are already making our top 10!

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