Top Ten Mom and Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 11.7.2010

Top Ten Mom and Baby Gifts Sold - Week of 11.7.2010

1. Sophie the Giraffe -Handmade in France, all natural rubber and food grade paint- what's not to love? Once again, those French really know what their talking about!

2. Uggs Kids Bailey Button -

Uggs are back for the season and there are plenty of new reasons, your little one needs a pair, or two for the upcoming winter weather. Whats even better is the assortment of new styles we currently have as well as the classics to choose from.

3. Good Night San Fransisco- If you are looking for that one of a kind gift that you know is going to be loved, look no further. One of the most popular children books, "Good Night Moon" now comes with a unique twist, "Good Night San Fransisco"! It is perfect by itself but has been used as the perfect icing for our Cupcake customers gifts.

4. Animal Stick Rattle- These Rattles are the perfect fit not only for your little one's hands, but to go on top of any gift!

5. Maternal America Nursing Scarf- Maternal America Nursing Scarf- Almost every mama I help here in the store tries on the Nursing Scarf to see how it works and they love it so much they end up wearing them out with a smile on their face. They are great for the upcoming fall and winter months. They come in 3 versatile colors, black, brown, and raspberry to where with almost everything.

6. Loved Baby Gloved Sleeve Overall-

This gloved sleeve overall is becoming a favorite for Loved Baby outfits.Thumbnail image for Loved Baby gsoverall_white.jpgThey come in 5 different colors that can be paired with a matching bib, and beanie to make your gift complete. There is no better statement to make than this, "Loved Baby" Which is displayed on the hat, bib, and outfits. 7. Pediped Alyssa in Leopard -Pediped looks good in prints! Talk about walking all over your competition, Alyssa is a fun leopard print shoe that can be worn when dressing up or down.

8. Daily Tea Country Road Plaid Dress-- This adorable dress is perfect for the fall season, and can be paired with jeans or leggings.

9. Kumquat Organic Union-suit- One of our Organic lines we carry here at Cupcake is Kumquat. This onesie is not only adorable, it is organic! Kumquat is one the the organic lines we carry here at Cupcake. What better way to start making a difference with your little one early.

10. Kumquat Organic Tie Beanie-This beanie pairs with the onesie listed as number nine on our top ten, and is also a great add on gift.

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