What's Your Name, Baby?

Cupcake Sarah

The birth of a celebrity baby is always an exciting topic for pop culture websites and other social media. However, one recent celebrity baby birth has social media blowing up - the arrival of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new daughter. Although the excitement has a lot to do with the fact that these are two very high profile celebrities, the big topic at hand was the couple's baby name decision. The duo decided on North, which with the addition of Kanye's last name, led to a media frenzy of jokes and puns having to do with the directional coordinates.

However, Kim and Kanye defend their baby name decision. They told an inside source that their inspiration was that going North means reaching new heights, and that this has been the highest point of their relationship so far.

In any case, North West is in good company; She joins a slew of other celebrity babies with... interesting names, to say the least. North may just be the most buzzed about baby since Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy to the world in 2012. Just this past year, Busy Philipps gave birth to her daughter, creatively named Cricket Pearl. Former playmate Holly Madison and her beau welcomed colorfully named Rainbow Aurora in 2013 as well. Although the name North West is unique, it isn't quite as eyebrow raising as other celeb baby names, such as Jason Lee's son Pilot Inspektor, or Michael Jackson's son Blanket.

As each new celebrity bundle of joy is brought into the world, we all anxiously await the newest addition of unique baby names to come!

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