Where's Your Cupcake Going Today?

Is your tot a determined traveler? If you can't keep your cupcake still for a hot minute, the least you can do is make sure they're wearing the right shoes for the occasion! Barefoot is best for babies indoors, but when they step out the door, make sure their tiny feet are protected with the very best baby shoes. For supple leather construction and fine flexible soles for active kids, try shoes by See Kai Run. Known for their water-resistance and durability, See Kai Run shoes have just the right shoe for your child, no matter where they're going!

For the beach-bound baby, when they're not barefoot in the sand make sure they're appropriately shod in See Kai Run's Rayah T-straps. These starfish-accented shoes will ensure that your little coastal explorer is ready for any beachcombing occasion. Fuel her explorations with saltwater taffy and caramel corn, and teach your baby the joys of the sand and ocean.

Still going to shows with your musically-inclined young one? Backstage babies will love the Rashad. Match them up with corduroys and ironic lens-less black-framed glasses, and get your child into the emo trend young. Sideswept bangs optional, sense of humor required.

If your girl is more tea party in the park than PB&J's in the dining room, make sure she's at her girlish best with flowered pink and white Angelinas. She already loves shopping for the prettiest dresses and sweetest baby jewels with you, so indulge her pinkest fantasies with these charming T-straps. Your domestic diva-in-training will love you for it, and maybe you'll even get an invite to the next party, seated right between Barbie and her favorite teddy bear.

Frequent playground goers will like the comfy fit of the London trainers, and you'll love carrying around the most fashion-forward kid there. From the merry-go-round to the swings, your child will be able to romp at will in these super-comfy sneakers. Particularly great for graveled playgrounds, the tough but still bendable soles of these trainers guarantee a good time for your child, free of rigid uncomfortable leather and thin-soled discomfort.

If there's a picnic or two on the schedule, make sure you've got a pair of these summer-friendly Ocean sandals for running around in the grass. With cool open construction and a closed toe, your child's feet will be protected but not overheated, and they'll look super-cute too! In these clever black and olive green shoes, your cupcake will be a picnic standout.

No matter where your little one is going, See Kai Run shoes can take them there in style. For more, investigate the Shop Cupcake selection of See Kai Run shoes here!

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