White, Pink, and Ombré All Over!

Cupcake Sarah

This spring is all about bright, fun colors that will turn people's heads! For our spring window display this year, Cupcake Jenny found herself inspired by the unique ombré trend, and incorporated that into the newest display using paper chains! The Cupcakes were hard at work cutting, gluing, and pinning a variety of fun pink colors as a back drop to the outdoor inspired display.

In our Mama mannequin window is a bright pink bicycle, flower adorned and carrying a basket of our fantastic glitter TOMS. The Kids window features a tiny red tricycle, also outfitted in beautiful spring flowers. The bikes were the perfect decoration for the Amgen Tour of America bike race that came through town on May 19th.

To compliment the pink of the paper chains, we decked out both our Mama and kid's mannequins in reds, blues, and pinks. The Mama's are ready for the warm weather in their summery styles, like this bright pink Everly Grey top. Our kid mannequins are dressed in great outfits by Losan, Kapital K, Jean Bourget, and I Do. The florals in the dress and tops on our girls and the shorts and polos on our little boy mannequins bring together the colorful spring window dressings, inspiring passers-by to begin planning their little one's spring and summer wardrobe!

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Cutest dress ever!

What an uplifting morning, choosing among adorable and distinctive dresses for my newest family member! And the staff helped me add bows and tights and all the little extras that make shopping at Cupcake so much fun. My niece is thrilled, and MacKenzie will look darling when she gets big enough. ( I always buy for those later months OUT there a bit!) Great experience, and I will go back because the clothing is so tasteful and not at all the latest fad.

These are dresses I mailed away to granddaughters, and grandnieces and there hasn't been enough time to receive feedback. I know that from all other outfits I have sent to them each time they were loved and thought they were wonderful quality and beautiful designs.


I’m satisfied with this purchase so far. The outfit is adorable and seems to be of good quality.


Super cute good fit


Fit perfectly